2023 presidency: Northern elders give conditions on candidate to support

Ahead of 2023 presidential election, the Northern Elders’ Forum, NEF, has disclosed qualities candidates seeking support of the North must posses.

NEF convener, Ango Abdullahi disclosed that the north will only support candidates willing to resolve the challenges facing the region.

A statement signed by Abdullahi on Sunday, said candidates willing to earn the support of the North must possess the political will to meet the region’s aspirations.

Abdullahi insisted that North will support those who meet the standards and interests of those from the region.

He said: “The forum has observed that political maneuvers around the 2023 elections are targeting the North as a region available for exploitation.

“We want to make it clear that people of the North will be very careful in committing to persons seeking their support on the basis of their region or wealth.

“The North knows its interest and will stand together to elect only persons who meet the standards and interests of the people of the North.

“No politicians should assume they are entitled to our support unless they show a clear understanding and a commitment to deal with our problems and meet our aspirations.”