Reps Host Pupils, 24 Hours After Passing Resolution To Stop Visitors

Schoolchildren were hosted at the House of Representatives on Thursday, March 19, 2020, as Nigeria tightens its borders to limit the spread of the deadly coronavirus, Covid-19.

The Federal House of Representatives hosted schoolchildren on Thursday at its complex in Abuja.

On Wednesday, the lawmakers had passed a resolution to stop visitors due to the coronavirus outbreak across the world.

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It is yet unclear why the House allowed the students to proceed with their visit.

The House had also resolved that lawmakers, their legislative aides and National Assembly workers be tested for the coronavirus.

No case of the coronavirus, Covid-19, has been confirmed in Abuja.

On Wednesday, Nigeria confirmed five new cases of the coronavirus, bringing the total cases in the country to eight.

The country also announced a travel ban on several hotspots countries which is expected to take effect on March 21.