Everyone is Making an Effort to Keep the World Smiling | WATCH

First of all… Take a deep breathe and say, “Everything will be okay.”

Yes, it’s another day and the coronavirus pandemic is still out there infecting people (reality), but don’t let that weigh you down. Keep smiling. Be full of positivity, stay calm, and remember to always stay clean.

One fascinating thing that we’ve seen all over the world are wonderful acts of kindness prevailing in this trying period. People are coming together to sing on balconies in Italy, a neighbourhood setting up groups to offer support to the elderly or vulnerable – like collecting groceries, calling up people for a chat, people creating choreographed dances with TikTok…

All these wonderful acts of kindness remind us of the song, “We are the world,” the lyrics, “There comes a time/ When we heed a certain call/ When the world must come together as one/ There are people dying/ Oh, and it’s time to lend a hand to life/ The greatest gift of all…” are probably the right ones we should all listen to.

To be honest, last week was really hectic and devastating, but some people still found a way to keep the world smiling.

These videos will definitely make you smile:

Here’s proof that you can still show kindness to the vulnerable

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