“She’s for you alone not for public” – Nigerian Muslim man slams men who post photos of their wives without Hijab and Niqqab on social media


A Muslim man from Kogi State, Abu Bilal Bin Adam has slammed men who post pictures of their ‘uncovered’ wives on social media.

Bin Adam with his wife at her NYSC POP early March

Taking to his Facebook on Friday, the University of Abuja graduate shared a screenshot of a quote about muslims ”living Islam”.

“Has not the time come for us Muslims to wake up and actually start living Islam instead of just wearing it as a label” it reads.

He asked Muslim men to desist from posting photos of their wives without Hijab and Niqqab as they belong to them alone not the public.

“Your Wife is not well Covered and you’re posting her pictures on social Media.
No Hijab, No Niqqab and you think is proper? Please stop posting such. She’s for you alone not for public. May we not die until ALlaah is Satisfied with us” he said.