Niger Delta Group Calls For Urgent Intervention As Dead Fishes Wash Ashore In Rivers And Akwa Ibom


The Niger Delta Activist Forum has called on the Nigerian Government to investigate the washing ashore of thousands of dead fishes, which has been attributed to oil spill by activities of companies operating in the area.

The group in a statement on Monday by Comrade Success Jack, National President, Comrade Ambrose Obioha, National Spokesman, and Comrade Tamunoimama Tamunobelema, Chairman Rivers State chapter, said its findings revealed that the circumstances surrounding the death to the fishes in large numbers point to the depleting of the natural ecosystem through pollution.

The group said, “About a fortnight ago, we started getting reports of multitudes of fishes in their millions being washed ashore dead around the coastal communities and fishing ports along the Atlantic shoreline.

“Regrettably, this ugly disaster of global proportion continued unabated till Friday, 17th April 2020. Sadly, observations from initial investigation reveals effects suspected to be chemical in nature with the following abnormalities; the fish starts rotting from the tail as against the natural pattern of starting from the head, cysts are clearly seen on the flesh of most of the fishes, with greenish fluid trapped inside.

“Other observations include smoked samples clearly defied conventional pattern of emitting body fluid and shrinking homogenously, rather it was seen to remain fresh and plastic in nature.”

The group said it suspects that the poisoning of the fishes where as a result of Benzene, Toluene, Ethylene, Xylene and other chemicals from improperly treated production water or gas seepage.

It called on the Nigerian Government to act fast by saving the ecosystem and preserving the livelihoods of people along the coastline.”