A lady can manage N50k job for five years because she knows people will still give her money – Twitter user says as he reveals how men are treated

A Nigerian man has shared his thoughts on the privileges that women enjoy in comparison to how men are treated.

The man identified as Kelvin Odanz said that a woman can take up a N50k per month job and work for as long as five years there without being bothered because she knows, friends, male admirers, family members will still give her money which will more than compensate for the salary she’s earning.

In his words:

“A lady can take up a 50K per month Job in Nigeria, stay in that job comfortably for 5 years without asking for a rise.

“Because she knows she has a support system: family, boyfriend, admirers who’d send her money,buy her things

We men don’t have such privilege.We are on our own”