Man speaks his recovery into existence as he beats cancer on the exact date he predicted

A 28 year old man, Michael Perchick has successfully recovered from cancer after he undergoing treatment and predicting the date he will be healed.

Perchick who is a reporter in North Carolina, U.S, shared a photo of himself while on treatment and tweeted a powerful statement that by his birthday he would have been healed.

He predicted that four months after his diagnosis, he would be free of the sickness.

“LIFE UPDATE: I’m 28 years old and was just diagnosed with cancer.

“And in four months, I’ll be a 28-year-old who beat cancer.

Let’s fight!”

It was as if God heard the prayer in his heart because Perchick came back in the fifth month to give his recovery testimony and disclose that his prediction came to pass. “LIFE UPDATE: I was right.” he said.

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