Vector defends Africa, says the continent is not underdeveloped

Nigerian rapper, Vector, real name Olanrewaju Ogunmefun, has said the notion that Africa is underdeveloped is largely false.

According to Vector in a recent Twitter post, Africa can’t be understood by alien ways thus it’s a gross misconception to think the continent is not developed.

“Africa is not underdeveloped. Africa can not be understood and evaluated by alien ways. Na why many Dey think say “Agbo” bad but them dey chop vegetable soup.” he said.

A fan questioned him by asking ;

“Vector I don’t understand this logic o

What metric are we to use to evaluate Africa’s development?”

Then Vector responded; “The African one. The African metric my Gee. The one it seems everyone is but deny. The X factor. We are Africans, e get why our way different.

If you am weren’t Invaded according to history, you would still have become something useful.”

The rapper also added in a separate tweet; “You are shouting Africa is underdeveloped but you would rather go and hear white man masterclass about trade secrets when igbo men are doing it every day. Clowns.”

See the exchange below: