Lady accuses her father of battering and assaulting her mother throughout their 22-year marriage

A Nigerian lady, Gloria Ezeobi has accused her father of domestic violence towards her mum, siblings and herself as she shared photos of her mother with the injuries inflicted on her.

Ezeobi, a student of pharmacy at LUTH, alleged that her father, Sunday Vincent Ezeobi, has been “brutally beating” her mother, Maureen Ezeobi, throughout the entire span of their 22 year marriage.

She claimed that her father’s apprentice also beats her mum in front of him. The 21-year-old student said the alleged domestic violence from her dad has caused her mother to have miscarriage twice.

She also revealed how he got officers to detain his mother after she had made efforts to seek justice.

Taking to Twitter to share the story and photos of her wounded mum, Ms Ezeobi wrote;

“My name is Gloria Ezeobi, I’m 21 years old. I am a student of pharmacy at LUTH. My father, Mr. Sunday Vincent Ezeobi has been brutally beating my mother, Mrs. Maureen Ezeobi for the 22years of their marriage

“He would pull her by the hair and drag her down the stairs. He would lock her out of the house to sleep in streets for days. He has beaten her into miscarriage twice. Even his apprentice beats her in front of him.

“He has also beaten I and my sister on several occasions. On 24th of March, 2020, he battered me with fan belt, stripped me naked and sent me out of the house by 10:30pm.

“The Greenfield estate management where we live can testify as they called the police to arrest him after witnessing his brutality towards my mother and my sister.

“My mother further reported to the office of the public defender at Panti police station, Lagos and nothing has been done. My father promised to deal with my mother, my sister as well as I, He said and I quote ‘My money will get me anything in Nigeria so no one can save you’.

“Please, I am calling on good spirited individuals in Nigeria, lawmakers, public defenders, police, government officials, ministries of women affairs to grant Justice to my poor mother whom my father had arrested under false accusations in Olosan police station

“Olumorokun street near Ojowoye market. Mushin. She is now being held without evidence and have been transferred to State CID, Anambra state for unclear reasons. We really need your help! I am helpless and confused.

“Upon visitation to the state CID Awka to bail her, we were informed that my father came, paid some money and requested that my mum be transferred to Neni police station.

“My father has also asked them to refuse bail and charge her to court, to be transferred to prison. Please come to the aid of I and my siblings. I can give my number if requested for .”

However, in an adjoining tweet, she revealed the Commissioner of Police has gotten involved and fast-tracked her mother’s release.

“Thank you all for your retweets and your help. Someone who saw these tweets has been able to reach out to a Commissioner of Police and my mum has been released. Thank you all so so much!”