I’m not going to run away from my own country – Pete Edochie reacts to alleged threats on his life over movie portraying Muslim group as terrorists

Veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie, has said he is not going to be moved by threats being sent to him by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN, over an upcoming movie he featured in.

Speaking with SaharaReporters on Monday, Edochie, 73, alleged that there were YouTube videos and broadcast messages being circulated on various social media platforms just to ensure the movie project is forestalled.

According to earlier reports, the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu was petitioned by IMN, claiming the movie projected the group in a bad light, making them to appear as terrorists.

“If they have complained to the Inspector-General of Police, and the IGP says to give him a copy of the film, what are we going to do because the film is not in existence yet? It is not in circulation.

“I’m supposed to have played a role that ridiculed their boss, chief, whoever is in charge of their group. I am suggesting that you wait, keep your gunpowder dry, when the film is released.

“You can now make your grumbles known to the IGP. Whatever is being done now is premature, it is not proper. Fatal Arrogance, whatever it deals with, the best thing is to wait until it comes out.” he said.

The legendary actor, who said that he is not going to run away from Nigeria because of these threats, urged the IMN to redirect all their complaints and grievances to the producers of the movie and not him.

Pete Edochie said; “My name in the film is Alhaji Shasha Kurungu. I’m not aware there’s a leader of any religious sect in Nigeria who answers that. If there is, it’s a pure coincidence; the name is fictional,” he added.

“If you want to express resentment over a production you haven’t watched, direct your grievances to the producer of the film, not to Pete Edochie who is a mere actor, it does not concern me.

“I did not write it, the film was produced by Kingsley Orji Anosike. I thank all those people who informed me of the campaign, denigration, and the organised threat of my person by the IMN.

“I thank you all. I’m a free-born of Nigeria, I was born and raised in Nigeria. I’m not going to run away from this country because a few individuals think they want things done in their own way.”