How a student built Lamborgini-like car and drove it to school for final exams (Photos/Video)

Kelvin Odartey, a young Ghanaian junior high school student sitting for the 2020 Basic Education Certificate Examination, has amazed social media users with the Lamborghini-like car he built.

In a viral video circulating on social media, the talented JHS 3 student can be seen starting and testing his improvised creation.

Odartey took pride in inspecting his car with bird-like doors as he prepped it for his trip to school with his classmates to write their last papers in the ongoing national exam.

The BECE candidate who used metal to design the innovation has shared the backstory of how he made it.

According to the student, he started building small cars from scratch years back before moving on to his latest creation.

Odartey added that when he started the building the vehicle which has gotten the attention of social media users, he wasn’t having money so his friends helped him financially.

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The talented young man revealed that seven of his friends invested in his idea and were supportive till he was able to build it to his current level and as such, he has decided to train some of his friends in order to also help them assemble their own cars.

Watch video below: