15 Children Die Of Malnutrition In Borno In September – MSF

MSF Deputy Project Coordinator in Maiduguri speaks on malnutrition in Borno State on September 29, 2020.

Fifteen children have died of malnutrition in Borno State.

The Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), an international health organisation, disclosed this on Tuesday.

Speaking in Maiduguri, the MSF Deputy Project Coordinator in the state, said the organisation has screened and treated 3,888 children in its facility for the month of September.

“Out of 388 patients, we only lost 15 patients in the month of September, that is four percent,” he said.

“For direct admission, we have ATFC, we have about 540 patients and those that come for follow up and discharged.

“We were able to attend to 2,402 patients. This is for the month of September. We also have cases of Tuberculosis which we have so far enrolled about 10 patients.

“We have screened about 3,888 patients, this is for the ATFC. For the ITFC, we have an admission of 388 patients. Out of the exit of 380 patients, we recorded mortality of 4 percent which is 15.”

During a visit to the MSF Nutrition Centre in Jere Local Government of Borno, Channels Television observed the influx of some desperate mothers who seek help for their sick children in the facility.

Even the kids were not spared as they put up a fight for their lives despite their veins popping out, and skin bare rib.

They are suffering from border to severe cases of malnutrition.

In the month of September alone, cases of malnutrition reached an all-time high despite the COVID-19 pandemic that has crippled economies, experts say.

According to experts, the months between July to September are the peak period of malnutrition.