Henrie Kwushue For GUAP 20

Welcome The Fresh Face & Relatable Voice Of Young Black British Women Today [@HenrieVIII]


Henrie Kwushue Intends To Create More Opportunities For Black Women In The Media Production Industry.

The GUAP’20 Renaissance cover was created to represent the rebirth of Black-British culture. So when it came to choosing one of our cover stars; Henrie Kwushue was a perfect choice. 2020 has shown many of us (along with the rest of the world) just how much black people are under-valued globally. It has shown us, that if the change is going to happen, we have to change it ourselves. From the summer BLM protests in the centre of a pandemic to being more intentional about black spending with black pound day. Henrie Kwushue quickly rose to popularity over the last year, who is now best known for her work at Reprezent Radio & Who We Be UK podcast.

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Photography by Shenell Kennedy.

The South London broadcaster first came to our attention when she released a three-part documentary series called Is Your Area changing? – which seeks to question and understand the evolution of some of London’s most popular areas. And how gentrification has come to affect them. Produced under her very own production company HTK Productions, the series has caught the attention of publications like Dazed and Complex.

Is your area changing – HTK Productions

Since then, the Dazed 100er & GUAP 20 cover star intends to have more presence behind the scenes. And use her production company to offer more opportunities to black women, in the media and production industry. We salute Henrie Kwushue for all the work she is doing and will certainly be keeping an eye out on what she will do next!


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Photography by Shenell Kennedy