My 60-yr-old father impregnated my girlfriend and told me to breakup so that he can marry her – Man narrates

A man has written to seek advise on what he should do after discovering that his girlfriend has been having an affair with his father.

According to the man who is Urhobo by ethnicity, after 8 months of being together, she told him that she has been dating a 60 year old man whom he later discovered to be his father.

He visited her on a faithful day and coincidentally, his father paid her a visit on the same day, which was when they all bumped into each other. It was at that point that the man’s father asked him to leave the girlfriend as he wants to marry her.

The man said that he has been avoiding her ever since that incident adding how he recently found out she is pregnant for his father who wishes to marry her.

Read his story below: