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Nigerian lady recounts how she wore hijab, learnt the Quran and joined Islam for her Muslim fiancee but his family rejected her because she’s Igbo

A Nigerian lady identified as Rosemary Ocheze has revealed how she was willing to take up a new way of life for the Muslim man she wanted to marry.

Rosemary stated that in a bid to impress the family of her man, she had to learn the Quran, start putting on hijab and learnt how to pray the salat.

Taking to her Twitter account, she narrated the story in reaction to a tweet from another user who asked; ‘What’s the craziest thing you have done for love?’

She added that all these were not enough for his family to accept her as her man’s father felt that could not happen because she’s Igbo and it is a sacrilege.

“Wore hijab, learnt the quran and how to perform salat. Became malridiyha for 3 years.

His dad couldn’t accept cos I’m Igbo. Accepting their religion wasn’t enough, being Igbo was a sacrilege”, she wrote.

See her tweet: